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Official BETA & Server Updates
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On the 30th December we opened our beta to not only staff but to some players as well.
During this phase it allowed us to find bugs and improve the overall performance of the server.
We would like to thank those who participated and who reported the bugs they found, you will
be rewarded accordingly :).

Just some stats we have gathered from the beta:
- Over 5,000 chats sent in the first 7 days
- 6,400 Commands excecuted in the first 7 days
- Highest balance of $562,276 (sweetrush)
- Overall total economy of $1,828,267
- Highest mcMMO level of 1,004. (Icyos)
- 21 Beta Testers in total were allowed to join.
- 50 items shown in chat
- 4 inventories show in chat.

What will be lost from beta upon release?:
As it was our beta and not everyone had access this means all playerdata will be reset.
This allows everyone to have a fair chance from launch.

For those who had access to the beta saw, crates and /buy we're...​
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Official Announcement [1.1]
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Hello everyone, the following message is on behalf of myself and all of management.

Our original plan was to have the server up and running by the Christmas Holidays but due to some
unforeseen circumstances we may have to delay this.
We can't give an exact date but it won't be delayed by much as in we will most likely
be looking at an early January release.
This also comes as I want to make sure our staff team is properly trained and has the knowledge to help
everyone as they play our server.
This is taking us some time as we have a lot of staff on leave right now due to exam periods.

So what's happening?
Our new revised deadline is to have a beta version up on the 27th December, this beta period will last around 7 days
to make sure we have enough time to find and fix the bugs we find.
Our staff team have been working hard on making us a new set of rules,
In-game, forum and...
Our latest Announcement...