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Vitality Network

Official Vitality Network??
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As many of you know, here at vitality we are known for pursuing the Minecraft java side of things.
Lately as myself and management have worked hard to create a network, we have decided to expand into a new market.
This may come as a surprise to you as the majority of Minecraft servers stay solely within Java and Bedrock. Well, we'd like to change that and become one of the first Minecraft networks to have an appearance in over 17 other game platforms outside of Minecraft.
Below is a screenshot of potential games we'd be looking to explore and expand into:

What will this mean for any ranks/items I've purchased?
Any ranks or items bought on the Minecraft server will be kept but on the other game platform you will receive the donator tag (if applicable) .
Obviously the big question is, what if I don't own these games? And that's okay as we look to expand the...