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Official Survival Release

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Survival - Vitality Network Release
January 22nd 2022,
19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 PST

Hello Everyone!
After a long wait we are pleased to inform you about our first Survival season with all new 1.18 features.
Not only have we included 1.18 items and features but we have added exciting new custom content on top of this.

With that said we hope you all enjoy the 1.18 and custom content we provide to you.

Lets jump straight into things!

| Spawn

With the upcoming release, our builder has been hard at work to produce us our very own spawn! Peek anyone?


| 1.18 World

With the release we can welcome to you the new 1.18 terrain. The survival world will 15,000 x 15,000 blocks on launch, with the nether and end world being

7,500 x 7,500 each.


| Custom Fishing

Brand new fishing mechanics make fishing more profitable and most importantly, more competitive. With over 120 different custom fish to catch you can work your way up the ranks. With over 6 different type of fish to catch some even worth $25,000. The monster awaits.

With the ability to view your all time fishing stats you'll be able to know how many fish you've caught, the money you've made and who caught which fish first!
Once you have leveled up you are able to unlock skill points to invest in over 8 different skills you can unlock.
- Upgradable Skills: Cost Skill Points to upgrade and they gain diminishing returns with the more points you put into them.
- One Time Purchase: skills cost a set amount of skill points but are unlocked forever, these level up based on your total fishing level.
Want to gain a boost? Fish with friends ;)

| Custom Bosses

Getting bored of the ender dragon and wither? Well fear not! We introduced multiple new bosses that drop custom loot and sometimes even ranks "wink"!
Our bosses with vary in strength, some having extra health with low attack damage and some with low health and major damage.
Who knows? Can't let you in on the secret boss...

| Custom Armor/Items

Ever wanted to spice up your pvpve collection? Now with our all new custom armor you can, with armor sets doing extra damage to your opponents, or even maybe extra protection against those pesky creepers.
The custom armor and items also helps give you a major advantage against bosses! Find their weakness and exploit it!

| Vitality Tokens

We understand that spending money on a game isn't for everyone and that is why we have introduced Tokens.
You can collect these by completing simple in-game tasks and quests and once you've collected enough they can be converted into your very own /buy giftcard of whatever amount your tokens can afford.

| Content Updates

2-3 times throughout the season we aim to provide our players with a major content update.
This will be different to the day to day update with your guys suggestions as we aim to improve the user experience by adding to what we already have to make sure to keep up the excitement.

| Other Stuff

Wanted to show someone how you felt about them? With over 18 different feelings in chat you can hug your friends or alternatively do crazy things like bite them???

With that said we have provided the community with countless enjoyable features and content that will make the survival experience extraordinary.
There are a bunch of features I wish I could mention today but we simply don't have enough time to mention them all.
A huge thank you to our development team as they have spent countless hours working on this update.

Our store will have a 35% sale for 48 hours after launch.
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Please post suggestions/feedback here:
See you all on January 22nd @ 7PM GMT