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Official January Updates | Part 1

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January Updates

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to start with a massive thankyou to everyone who has waited for the launch and
has stuck by us in this process.

As many of you know our launch was delayed quite significantly while we add more content and
finalise the process of eliminating all the bugs we find along the way.
We want to make sure this is the best Prison server we possibly can offer.

We will try and offer Monthly Updates about what is going on with the server and new content we plan to release.

Prison Update
So within the next week, we should have our offical prison announcement out.
This will include our launch date and all the content you can expect to see.
With our prison to keep it exciting and new, we will have weekly and monthly updates.
These will be mentioned more in the official announcement.

Discord & Forums Integration
As discord is becoming more and more popular, we plan on changing how we use it and how we use our forums.
We plan on integrating our Bug Reports, Player Reports, Suggestions and Appeals to the Discord.
These will be under the forum channels or via tickets.
We will start trialing this from the 21st January 2023.

Staff Team
Our staff team has changed significantly, so here are the changes:
@sharpybara -> Junior Moderator
@Monntaza -> Junior Moderator
@Icyos -> Manager
@Polar -> Helper
@ignLamp -> Developer
@Waddle -> Member (from Administrator)

We are holding a competition in our #events channel.
The winning prize is the top rank on the server (soon to be announced)
To enter just react to the post sent in there.

I know there isn't much information here, but until the official announcement has been released, there's not
much information I can give out.
If you do have any questions, feel free to ping me in the server or send me a message on discord.

Cheers, Toddy!​